Dee Dee left the Ramones to pursue a rap career

This Is The Face of My Mental Illness


imageI took this picture of myself at the end of a day I spent in bed, scared and crying, feeling alone and hopeless and completely desperate.

This is the face of my mental illness. This is the face of my sadness when it is at its most inexplicable and its most pronounced.

I am not ashamed of it.

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I first listened to this album only months ago! It’s perfect!

This song all the time forever



Here’s a little animation I tossed together to celebrate the Matterhorn Bobsleds’ 55th birthday!

This is amazing.


Secret work networking

Secret work networking

I want this

I want this

Does anyone have cooler birthday buddies than Andrew WK and Ghostface Killah

Fine, I’m FitAlphaVi on PSN

I have a super terribly weird thing of picking permanent usernames for services and I am so broken apart because after three days of suffering I finally thought i was getting somewhere but BornUnderPunches was taken